How To Dispute Information in Your Consumer Report From ESS

If, within the five days, you contact ESS to dispute or explain information in your background check, we will notify your prospective employer immediately to let them know of the dispute and forthcoming resolution or consumer statement.

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) ESS has 30 days to investigate the disputed information and update your report, if necessary. However, we understand that a job offer may be pending and therefore we treat the investigation of disputed information as a high priority. Most investigations are complete in 1 - 4 days. Once we have finished updating your file we will immediately send a copy to you and your prospective employer. If no changes are made to the report, you and the employer will receive a statement of findings.

If our reinvestigation does not return the results you desire, you may submit a brief statement disputing the information we have on file and it will be inserted into your file. It will then appear in any further report we issue that contains the disputed information.

If ESS provided your credit report to your prospective employer (or employer), and if you dispute information on your credit report (regardless of whether it is part of an adverse action process), ESS, as a “Reseller,” will dispute the information to the credit bureau on your behalf, free of charge. You always have the right to contact a credit bureau directly to dispute information, but provisions of the FACT Act require Resellers to maintain trained personnel who are able to file your credit report dispute with the credit bureau within five days of being notified. It is helpful to provide the Reseller with any evidentiary information that supports your dispute of the credit information. The credit bureau has 30 days to investigate the dispute. It will report its findings back to the Reseller who will then notify you and the employer who received the original report. If you continue to dispute the credit information, you have the right to add a statement of dispute to the consumer report.

If your dispute is in regard to your Credit Report you may also contact us to insert your statement or you may contact the credit bureau directly.